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Purely Refreshing comes from the way I felt when I took control of my life and started doing what I love. When I gained the confidence and took control; it led to my happiness. I felt a huge sense of refreshment which came purely from me. Everyone feels refreshed by something, for many of my clients it’s simply after looking in the mirror once your eyelashes are done and you instantly feel more confidence. Personally, I find purity in the energy that flows through a Reiki session and the clarity and the relaxation that the client experiences. I literally see the refreshing glow radiate from my client’s skin after I complete their facial. I want to spread purity to others so that they leave feeling refreshed - so they can take on whatever it is they need to do.

Clear out the clutter in life and relax, refresh and take a moment for yourself. I truly believe you cannot fill other’s cups when yours is empty. Take time to replenish your spirit. Purely Refreshing is here to help you to do this and to help you give back to yourself.

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